Sausages and Slaughter

Of Bullywugs and Giant Frogs
Wherein the Group discovers how many frogs it takes to reach the center of a tootsie pop

“Hello Frogmen!”

shouted Shibidiah Uuthrakt as the adventurers (minus one exhausted Griffith Dane) entered the Causeway. And so began as session of death and destruction as the fearless four (Shibidiah and his compatriots, Kendra,Oswald Strongarm, III, and Wallkul Salazar) slew their way through the hordes of tasty-legged foes. The lizardfolk of the castle rejoiced and sang their praises as they destroyed the evil villains of the marshes.

The team did not penetrate too deeply into the castle, but did discover a relative mountain of treasure. The 30,000 copper coins represented a challenge for the group, but they left them for reinvestment at a later date and continued to explore the eastern areas of Naerytar. Having not brought enough garlic for a proper scampi, the group soon relented to quick roasting frog legs with lightning and flame. And soon the air was full of static charge, and the smoke of cooked flesh.

Having slain almost 3 score Bullywugs, we left the adventuresome 4 as they began to explore the Western addition of the castle. Join us for our continuing adventures next week on Sausages & Slaughter!

The Mere of Dead Men
A blog for your campaign

The adventuresome group, having trailed the Dragon Cultists from their camp south of Greenest, have discovered the final delivery point of the treasures stolen. In a fierce battle, the adventurers defeated a group of some 12 lizardfolk who had seemingly just completed moving the crates of stolen items from the Roadhouse on the North Eastern border of the Mere of Dead Men. While the group slew what appeared to be a rear guard, they now embark on a journey to follow the treasure and perhaps discover who is behind the sacking of the hamlets and villages of the Greenfields.


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